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Why is the Gospel Important?

Pastor Greg Leslie, Staples United Methodist Church


Why is the Gospel so important? You see, Mark’s Gospel shows that Jesus is constantly on the move. There is this forward motion that is used that keeps the reader continually looking ahead to Jesus’ death and resurrection. It is as though the brevity in Mark gives us a sense of urgency, which is important because the Gospel gives us a view of that in Jesus’ short time on earth and in ministry, there were many things to accomplish.

The big idea that comes from Mark is that Jesus shows himself as a Servant of God, unlike in Matthew, in which Jesus is portrayed as the King. But Jesus’ work was not just healing those who were sick, there was a much larger purpose which is stated in verse 10:45, “For the Human One didn’t come to be served but rather to serve and to give his life to liberate many people.” You see, the Gospel of Mark has many stories of Jesus and his miracles, which illustrate the power and the compassion that He had. Mark is revealing Jesus as a great teacher who is offering the people a spiritual renewal, along with Jesus being the true God and a true man who is wanting to reach into the lives of the people around him with circumstantial and physical change.

You see, Jesus’ life had a purpose. He did ministry hands-on, which shows us the definitive way in which we should serve humanity through His death and resurrection. It is through faith and love, along with the works of Jesus that we can find ourselves and serve others well. In all reality Jesus is the model for how we should live our lives, serving others.



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