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“Putting Christ First” 

Pastor Greg Leslie

Motley United Methodist Church, Staples United Methodist Church


Where do we stand in our faith? Is Christ first in your life? It seems that society today has different thoughts about what should come first. Recently I read a report about how the church is declining, denominations are separating, less people are coming to church. And yet when we visit others and converse with them, many other things come to mind rather than Christ. There seems to be some correlation. 

We have just finished the Christmas season, and we seem to forget that Christ is here once again. We should all start seeing Him as a beacon of our community, even if our thoughts and interpretations differ.

 From the Gospel of John 3:30 it states, “That He must increase and I must decrease”. 

I hope that the New Year serves you all well in your approach to being a disciple for Christ. I hope you find ways of increasing your personal connection to a broken world. Most of all I hope you all begin seeing how the birth of Christ can give us each an opportunity to bring Christ back into the lives of those who have forgotten.

Be a Christian first.


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