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Pastor Roy Miles, Staples Assembly of God



In our community there are several churches joining together to pray prayers of Biblical hope. The guide we are using is called, “Seek God For The City”. It encourages us to pray for different people groups in the world and for a wide variety of needs.

When we think of prayer we sometimes make it so complicated that we do not pray at all. I found the following article in Cathedral Press that may help you and would like to share it with you:


Five-Finger Praying

Have you ever discovered that you’re neglecting someone for who you should be praying? A Christian woman worked out her solution to this problem.

Holding up her left hand, the woman explained: “When I’m ready to pray I look at my hand. I notice that my thumb is the finger closest to me. This reminds me to pray for those near me - my family, my friends, my neighbors.”

Pointing to her index finger, she added: “My teachers used to point at us in school. Sometimes the preacher points at us, so as I come to this finger, I pray for my teachers, the preachers and others who have been my guides.

“My middle finger is my largest one. It stands above the others. This brings to mind the rulers of our country, the officials of our city. So I pray for them.”

“The next finger is called the weak finger. When I come to it I think of the weak, the sick, those who are poor and need help. I ask God to help them.”

Coming to her little finger, she concluded: “Last is my little finger. This stands for me. I finish praying for myself and the things I need.”


“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

                                              --Philippians 4:6



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