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To all who have been disappointed with God

Pastor Bob Hepokoski, Staples Alliance Church


If you’ve ever felt let down by God, you’re not alone. And for all who’ve felt let down by God and still feel distant from God because of it, I pray these words stir you to draw near to Him.

I recently read “God In You,” a wonderful little book by John Stumbo that reminds us of God’s desire to reveal Himself to each of us. God wants us to know Him and, for our whole lives, He has been actively making Himself known. In response to those who’ve felt disappointment with God, Stumbo writes these very helpful words:


“We’ve been known to be very upset when He doesn’t come through for us as we’d expect. “‘If I were God, I would have never let that happen!’”  This is really quite a silly thing to say, because, of course, we are not God and have absolutely no idea what it would be like to be God. 


There is one God.

It is not us.

This is a good thing.

 Rather than the foolishness of conjecturing what we would do if we were God, perhaps we’d be wiser to get to know the God who exists. And the God who exists has been seeking to reveal Himself to us. This is His nature. This is who He is: A relational God who wants to be known. Yes, even by people like us.” 


In times of unwanted troubles, I too, have been known to second-guess God. I wonder why God does (and doesn’t do) certain things in my life. And when I ask Him why, He rarely answers. Thankfully, over the course of years, with His help, I’ve learned that in those moments I don’t need to know all the reasons God does what He does. I just need to know Him, His goodness, His love, His faithfulness. And that’s enough. He is enough.


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