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“You have been Subpoenaed”


 Charles Mallory, Associate Pastor, Motley Free Methodist Church



If you regularly listen to and have read enough of the news lately, I’m sure you have become well aware of the word “subpoena.” A subpoena is a document that requires you to be a witness in court because you apparently have important information that the Court needs to hear.

On a similar subject, did you realize we are (as Christians) subpoenaed? Yes! If you will just simply look throughout the book of Acts, the Lord repeatedly commands us to be His witnesses (Acts 1:8; 2:32; 3:15; 10:39; 13:31). In a spiritual context, we are being subpoenaed…we are being compelled to be a witness for Jesus Christ and the Gospel!

As we understand this context, I think it is appropriate to ask ourselves whether we have obeyed the Lord’s command to take all that we know of God, the Scriptures, and of our faith and proclaim it when the opportunity presents itself to do so.

We are to be His physical and verbal witnesses to the world. We must adjust our commitments and reevaluate our priorities to allow room to live out this command daily. Hopefully, we are finding ways to do this more intentionally and with greater passion.

Plain and simple….we are called to witness for Jesus and invite others to accept Jesus. Witnessing for Jesus is an essential part of God’s plan. If we love Jesus and people, we will obediently live as witnesses for Jesus. You have been subpoenaed! May you be compelled to respond and tell others about this wonderful news of God’s love and salvation in Jesus Christ.

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