Letters to the Editor

Our turn to protect children


Have you had your COVID vaccine yet?

Do you know students may have to wear face masks to school again this year?

Do you know why?

Last year our kids wore masks to protect adults. Adults were the most likely to get COVID and have severe symptoms. This year, our kids will be wearing masks to protect themselves from unvaccinated adults. And the new strains of COVID appear to be more transmissible and more severe.

Have you had your COVID vaccine yet?

If you have not, are you willing to accept the fact that you bear part of the responsibility for further outbreaks and for our kids having to wear masks again?

Last year our kids wore masks for us. Please, this year get your vaccine for them.


N.J. Elvine

Staples, Minn


Pairing agreement timelines


Last week’s paper included a letter to the editor that contained several misstatements that I would like to address. Let me state first that it is not my intent to rehash tissues from 34 years ago. The people that were anti pairing still are, and facts won’t override emotions for them. Not everyone in the area was here in 1987 though so, I am clarifying a few things for them.

I was on the school board when the pairing took place but I have been to a lot of places and done a lot of things over the years, so I looked a few things up to make sure I had the correct information.

The letter insinuated that the “two boards put together a pairing agreement without the public knowing about it.” The pairing agreement was voted on in October of 1987. The Staples Worlds, beginning in August of 1987, are filled with articles on public meetings regarding a possible pairing between the two districts. As part of the information gathering process, citizens, school board members, and school administrators visited several paired school districts to gather information on the success of those endeavors. There is a picture in the paper of last week’s letter writer sitting at a meeting in the Atwater/Grove City school district offices. 

I remember having to move our school board meetings because of the large number of residents attending the meetings and also having capacity crowds at the informational meetings. Summarizing then, the public was aware, and involved, three months before a pairing agreement was reached. I will add here that one of the many things discussed in this process was a pairing with Pillager. I was on the committee that met with members of the Pillager School District, and they were not interested in a pairing arrangement with Motley.

Last week’s letter would lead one to believe that the Motley district went from a pairing arrangement with Staples right to consolidation. That was not the case. I did not live here then, but again going over news articles from the time, the Motley Board ended the pairing agreement. The articles from that time period on judge’s decisions, staff resignations, financial status, and student enrollment will give you great insight into fact over fiction on Motley’s decision to make it as a stand-alone school district. You may find it interesting to note who was on the school board then too. I encourage you, online or in-person, to research for yourself what took place before the consolidation vote.

I continue to enjoy watching the success of my grandchildren and the children of friends and family in the Staples-Motley School District.


Greg Frisk

Motley, Minn


City solutions


It wasn’t that long ago, “Grandma in the Hood” stated her thoughts about a property in her neighborhood. She got results by letting the City of Staples know her concerns. There are alternate resolutions to the problem of unsightly property than a new law. Mr. Case can do the same, complain to the city via newspaper, be neighborly and help them or set a trap for the rat.

I thought there was already a law about “every household has to have a garbage company or plann for garbage removal,” a law that says “your grass can’t be higher than a foot,” and a curfew for minors.

I don’t mind three trucks in town, at least we have a choice. I don’t mind the 10 o’clock curfew, there isn’t much else for kids in town anyway. I don’t mind the city buying tax forfeited property if they have a plan or it keeps the city looking better.

I do mind an increase to my city bill which seems to be going up by leaps and bounds. I thank the city for trimming the trees on the power lines, the place to drop off grass trimmings and tree branches and providing a Clean-up Day. I am pleased that when the new water plant is operational, we will not get that awful sewer smell. I am also pleased that the streets are plowed in a timely manner after a snow storm.

If the city decides to take on an extra job of garbage control, they consider garbage and recycling services and the fact when our container is removed (changed) some companies charge a removal fee. I hope they think of the other guy, they are local people who depend on our business.

This is a post script ... I thought it very tricky of the school board to put a referendum before the people when they could have done it without a vote at all.


Gladys Salthe

Staples, Minn


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