Public Notices May 11, 2017 issue




215 First Ave. South

Long Prairie, Minnesota  56347



Notice is hereby given that on Thursday May 25, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. the Todd County Board of Adjustment will hold a public hearing in the Commissioner’s board room, 215 1st Ave. South, Long Prairie, Minnesota to consider the following Variance applications: 

1. Kevin and Kathy Kremers: GAARE’S SUBDIVISION  (7-130-32) LOTS 16 & 17 BLK 1

Site Address: 29256 King Road. PIN: 16-0037800

Variance request to the setback from 150 feet to 120 feet from the OHWM on Coal Lake to construct addition to existing garage and patio.

2. Todd Bussman: LOT-3 BLK-1 Bitz Subdivision (23 & 26-127-33)

Site Address: 10628 Alum Trl. PIN: 03-0074900

Variance request to reduce the setback to the ordinary high water level from 100 feet to 12 feet for proposed replacement of retaining wall. 

3. James Adamek: Sec-11 Twp-128 Rng-33 NE4 SW4 & Part of NW4

Site Address: 26968 County 48 . PIN: 21-0013200

Variance request to reduce setback from 150 feet to 90 feet from Schwanke Creek for proposed dwelling. 

4. Roy Higgins: Lot-3 Blk-2 Lindberg Point (34 -129 – 35)

Site Address: 13585 Falcon Dr. PIN: 15-0078100

Variance request to reduce the structural setback from 10 feet to five feet for proposed garage.

5. Jerome Klinnert: Lot-12 Blk-1 Dorosh’s Subdivision (33-131-33)

Site Address:  33752 251st Ave.  PIN: 26-0039400

Variance request to reduce the setback from the lake from 150 ft to 118 ft for proposed deck.

6. John Fruetel: Lot-5 Michael’s Subdivision (4 & 5-128-35) 

Site Address: 12972 Faraway Lane. PIN: 10-0044900 and 10-004500

Variance request to 1) reduce the setback from 75 feet to 50 feet 2) increase the impervious roofed surface from 15% to 17% for an addition to an existing dwelling 

7. Dwight and Sharon Anderson: Lot-9 of Anderson’s Subdivision of Gov’t Lot 2 (Sec-23 Twp-127 Rng-33)

Site Address: 27611 Amber Lane. PIN: 03-0050400

Variance request 1) Reduce the setback from the OHWM of the lake from 100 feet to 53 feet. 2) Reduce the side setback from 10 feet to 8 feet. 3) Increase the height requirement from 18 feet 20 feet for proposed replacement of existing dwelling.

All persons interested are invited to attend said hearing or submit a letter to be heard on these matters. 


Todd County Board 

of Adjustment

Bill Berscheit, Chair




Attention Landowners: Noxious Weed Spraying


Legal Notice is hereby given that there will be Noxious Weed and Brush Spraying of County Road Rights of Way. The spraying will begin sometime after May 15, 2017. 

Any questions regarding this matter should be directed to Todd County Ditch and Agricultural Inspector Nancy Uhlenkamp, located at Public Works, 44 Riverside Drive, Long Prairie, MN 56347, 320-533-4651,






The Five Wings Arts council will be holding a public hearing on their FY 2018 - 2019 Arts Plan and Budget on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 from 5:00 p.m. - 5:30 p.m. at the Five Wings Arts Council Office at 121 4th St. NE in Staples, Mn. 

The Plan covers the counties of Cass, Crow Wing, Morrison, Todd and Wadena and may also be viewed at Contact: Mark Turner at or 1-877-654-2166 for more information.







Case Type: Harassment

Court File No.



Kirstie Ann Gottfried-Klinkhammer,



Steven Wayne Tressler,





To Respondent named above: 

YOU ARE HEREBY NOTIFIED that a Harassment Order For Relief has been issued in the above matter. 

You may request a hearing on this matter if you file a Request For Hearing with the Court within 45 days of issuance of the Harassment Order For Relief. You may obtain a copy of the Harassment Order For Relief from the court administrator’s office at the following address: Cass County Courthouse, 300 Minnesota Avenue, Walker, MN  56484.

Failure to appear at a scheduled hearing or to obtain a copy of the Harassment Order For Relief will not be a defense to prosecution for violation of the Court’s order.


Dated: May 4, 2017


Lori L. L. Hudson,

Deputy Court 










Notice is hereby given this 8th day of May, 2017, pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 18.83, Subdivision 1 (2009), that all persons in Todd County, Minnesota, shall control or eradicate all noxious weeds on land they occupy or are required to maintain (landowners must control noxious weeds on CRP lands. Please call the FSA Office for control requirements). Control or eradication may be accomplished by any lawful method, but the method(s) applied may need to be repeated in order to prevent the spread of viable noxious weed seeds and other propagating parts to other lands.  Failure to comply with the general notice may mean that an individual notice, Minnesota Statutes, Section 18.83, Subdivision 2 (2009), will be issued.

An individual notice may be appealed within two working days of receipt to the appeal committee in the county where the land is located. Failure to comply with an individual notice may mean that the inspector having jurisdiction may either hire the work done or seek a misdemeanor charge against the person(s) who failed to comply. If the work is hired done by the inspector, the cost can be placed as a tax upon the land and collected as other real estate taxes are collected.

You may obtain a list of the plants that are designated noxious and the members of the appeal committee from your County Agricultural Inspector. You can also obtain this information from your Local Weed Inspectors. Local Weed Inspectors include the township supervisors, city mayors or their appointed assistants. 

More information regarding the MN Noxious Weed Law and a list of County Agricultural Inspectors and County Designated Employees can be obtained from the Minnesota Department of Agriculture’s Web Site:

The noxious weeds that need to be Eradicated are: Palmer Amaranth, Oriental Bittersweet, Diffuse Knapweed, Brown Knapweed, Yellow Starthistle, Meadow Knapweed, Black Swallow-wort, Grecian Foxglove, Common Teasel, Cutleaf Teasel, Giant Hogweed, Japanese Hops, and Dalmatian Toadflax.

Controlled are: Common Barberry, Narrowleaf Bittercress, Plumeless Thistle, Spotted Knapweed, Canada Thistle, Leafy Spurge, Purple Loosestrife, Wild Parsnip, and Common Tansy.

Restricted Noxious Weeds are: Tree of Heaven, Garlic Mustard, Porcelain Berry, Crown Vetch, Wild Carrot/Queen Anne’s Lace, Glossy Buckthorn (and all cultivars), Amur Honeysuckle, Morrow’s Honeysuckle, Bell’s Honeysuckle, Common Reed (non-native subspecies), Common or European Buckthorn, Black Locust, Multiflora Rose, and Tatarian Honeysuckle.

Specially Regulated Plants are: Poison Ivy, Japanese Knotweed, Giant Knotweed, Japanese Barberry Cultivars, and Amur Maple.

We appreciate your help in controlling and eradicating Noxious Weeds in Todd County.


Nancy Uhlenkamp,

Todd County Ditch and 

Ag Inspector

Located at Public Works, 44 Riverside Drive, 

Long Prairie, MN  56347







Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Section 123A.46, subdivision 6, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Todd County Board of Commissioners, Todd County, Minnesota, of a public hearing to be held as follows:  

Date: May 23, 2017

Place: Commissioner’s Board Room of the Historic Courthouse, 215 1st Ave. S, Long Prairie, MN  56347

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Said hearing will be conducted by the Todd County Board of Commissioners, regarding the dissolution of Independent School District No. 2759 (Eagle Valley Public Schools) (“EVPS”) and the attachment of its territory to one or more adjoining school district(s).  

EVPS will not be able to maintain a PK-12 education program as of July 1, 2017, for the following reasons:

1. The Secondary Tuition Agreement with Independent School District No. 787 (Browerville) will expire on June 30, 2017 and will not be renewed; 

2. EVPS has been unable to secure a Secondary Tuition Agreement with an adjoining school district to educate its students in grades 7-12 and EVPS does not have the staff, revenue or facilities to provide its students with a secondary education; 

3. The Minnesota Department of Education is withholding EVPS’s State aid;

4. EVPS has been experiencing declining student enrollment over five consecutive years;

5. EVPS is unable to repay Aid Anticipation Certificates of Indebtedness, Series 2016A; and 

6. Other good and sufficient reasons.

Interested individuals are invited to attend and will be offered the opportunity to present information at the public hearing, and the Board of Commissioners, at a subsequent regular or special meeting, will make a final decision regarding the dissolution of EVPS and the attachment of its territory to one or more adjoining school district(s).


By: /s/ on file

Denise Gaida, Todd 

County Auditor-Treasurer

Clerk to the Board



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